What You Think ADD/ADHD Is, It Isn’t (Hardcover)


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Symptoms and Neuropsychological Testing Through Time

ADD/ADHD is not as easily diagnosed or clear-cut as many believe; in fact it very often acts as a masking agent for other underlying, contributing disorders. It’s important that we understand ADD/ADHD better. This book is the culmination of the author’s years of research involving clinical experience and testing, resulting in the first all-encompassing examination of the ADD/ADHD disorder.

Debunking common myths and shedding light upon the way this disorder truly impacts people, this volume:

  • Presents the results of the largest clinical research study for ADD/ADHD, compiling 20 years of testing
  • Distinguishes the inattentive form of ADD from ADHD and additional disorders using neuropsychological testing
  • Provides statistical analysis from neuropsychological evaluations and self-reporting questionnaires from parents, teachers, adolescents, and adults
  • Demonstrates how anxiety frequently masks itself as hyperactivity and increases through the lifespan
  • Addresses the issue of ADHD misdiagnosis
  • Explains the importance of diagnosing additional comorbid disorders that impact medication management and treatment
  • Offers statistics showing the manner in which ADHD symptoms and additional issues affect people differently through the lifespan
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Barbara C. Fisher


CRC Press


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