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Teachers! How Not to Kill the Spirit in Your ADHD Kids


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Sarah Templeton is an English Counsellor, CBT Therapist and Coach who has specialised in ADHD since her own shock diagnosis at the age of fifty-one. Her first book, How Not to Murder Your ADHD Kid – Instead, Learn How to be Your Child’s Own ADHD Coach, resonated with mums and dads who, desperate for teachers to understand their children’s ADHD brains, started thrusting copies at them! Those same parents encouraged Sarah to write this book for teaching professionals.

Sarah understands only too well how big a part teachers and schools play in helping children get the best start in life. She spent eleven years in the English education system, yet nobody identified her moderate-to-severe ADHD, severe dyspraxia, dyscalculia or sensory processing disorder, meaning she failed her 12+ ‘spectacularly’! Sarah is now passionate about helping teachers identify and work with these conditions in the classroom.

Children who are not diagnosed and treated for their neurodiverse conditions often have a dismal time at school: they know they feel different and don’t fit in, but they don’t understand why. This can lead them to experiment with drugs or alcohol and fall so easily into a life of addiction, unemployment, homelessness or crime.

Working with ADHD children and adolescents for ten years in private practice, Sarah has seen first-hand the road from ‘stroppy kid’ via ‘naughty teen’ to ‘young offender’ and is committed to helping teachers understand their ADHD students before things get out of hand.

In this book, Sarah shares her insider knowledge of how ADHD kids’ brains really work. She will help you understand their thoughts, actions and behaviours and give you the very best ways of managing ADHD in the classroom, ensuring these kids go on to be the leaders and winners they were born to be.

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