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Overcoming Underachieving


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An Action Guide to Helping Your Child Succeed in School

By Dr. Sam Goldstein and Dr. Nancy Mather

Help your child succeed!

If your child is falling behind in school, you know what heartache is – watching the struggle, feeling the frustration, yearning to help -but what can you do?

You can do a lot! In Overcoming Underachieving two nationally recognized experts in children’s school problems show you how to become your child’s advocate, coach, and guide through the educational process. Using numerous case examples, they help you pinpoint your child’s unique learning patterns and the problems that interfere with learning, behavior, and achievement.

This information-packed book provides dozens of creative, parent-tested tools to help your child overcome difficulties with reading, math, handwriting, study skills, memorization, attention span, and many other problems that affect school success. With the help of Overcoming Underachieving, you can:
– Learn proven methods of assessing your child’s patterns of learning and behaving
– Describe learning and behavior problems clearly to teachers and other educators
– Develop strategies that use strengths to overcome weaknesses
– Set goals your child really can achieve
– Find out how to improve your child’s behavior and self-esteem

Emotional support is important, but you can give your son or daughter even more. Find out how in Overcoming Underachieving.

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