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My Brother’s A World-Class Pain


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A Sibling’s Guide to ADHD/Hyperactivity

By Michael Gordon, PhD. Illustrations and design by Janet H. Junco

Children who read this story will be introduced to many of the basic concepts involved in understanding ADHD. More importantly, they will gain an appreciation of the demands that having a sibling with special needs places on all family members. Siblings will likely see many of their own frustrations and resentments voiced by Timmy’s sister.

This book conveys a spirit of energetic problem solving which is so critical to a family’s adjustment. It also sends the clear message to siblings of the ADHD child that they can play an important role in bringing about change. While not everyone will be able to manage the stoicism displayed by Timmy’s sister, many youngsters might be more able to contribute to the process of coming to terms with this disorder. After all, every ounce of family support can bring pounds of relief.

Sandra Freed Thomas, R.N.

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Michael Gordon




October 2007


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