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Life at the Edge


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Living with ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome

The True Story of Luke’s Life with Labels

Written by Jan Greenman

“This book is the true story of a boy called Luke. It is his story, but because we are his family, it is our story too. Almost every aspect of Luke’s behaviour is unwrapped in terms that both professionals and parents alike will find helpful. His labels came slowly, separately and in many ways too late….”

“Luke has so many labels that he had his own business cards printed with all the letters after his name, Like a lot of children on the autistic spectrum, he is hell on two legs: – funny, angry, aggressive, misogynistic, politically incorrect, pedantic and very insightful into his own condition. He is a toddler emotionally with the intellect of a twenty year old all wrapped up in a teenager’s body.”

Our MP and GP have both contributed to this book. It is both factual and anecdotal, covering his education, or more specifically the lack of specialist education in our county of Wiltshire and medical issues including MMR, Ritalin and its effect from both mine and Luke’s perspective. There are helpful tips from Luke about all aspects of his life and I am passionate about changing people’s perception of the behaviour associated with autism.


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