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Jumpin’ Johnny GET BACK TO WORK!


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A Child’s Guide to ADHD/Hyperactivity

By Michael Gordon, PhD. Illustrations and design by Janet H. Junco

This book was written for ADHD youngsters who want to understand how their problem was identified and what kinds of feelings and concerns they might experience throughout the process of evaluation and treatment. You will notice that no attempt has been made to sugarcoat or romanticize the life of an ADHD child. The story is told by a youngster who truly struggles to achieve, but doesn’t always meet with success or acceptance. Although he moves through the day experiencing frustration and embarrassment, he still maintains his sense of humor and spirit of determination.

While “Jumpin’ Johnny” was intended to help ADHD children learn about their problem, you might well find that brothers, sisters, friends, and classmates would benefit from the opportunity to gain insight into the nature of this disorder. After all, ADHD children can use all the understanding that their world can muster. Fortunately for the Jumpin’ Johnnys (and Janeys) of the world, small doses of compassion can produce powerful and longlasting effects.

Harvey C. Parker, Ph.D.


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Michael Gordon




October 2007


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