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Joey Goes to the Dentist


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Written by Candace Vittorini and Sara Boyer-Quick

“Hi! My name is Joey. I’m 5 years old. In a couple of days, I am going to the dentist.”

Visiting the dentist is no fun. Joey doesn’t like the feeling of the cold instruments in his mouth, the piercing sound of the drill or the strong taste of mouthwash. But Joey knows lots of ways to handle a trip to the dentist that he wants to share with you!

Many children find visits to the dentist uncomfortable, and Joey is no exception. He has Asperger Syndrome, which makes him particularly sensitive to the sensations and the invasion of personal space that a trip to the dentist always involves.  However, Joey has strategies that help him and other children to cope. He explains what to expect during a visit to the dentist and why you need to wear a bib, describes how X-ray machines work and why they are important, and lists some of tools that dentist may use.

This colourful picture book for children aged between 6 and 10 is a fun source of information and advice for children with autism spectrum disorders or related conditions, their families, and the professionals who work with them.

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