Everything a Child Needs to Know About ADHD


This book is written as an interesting story with colourful illustrations, for young children aged 6 to 12 years, to improve their understanding of such a complex condition. Dr Yemula is a developmental paediatrician based in Bedford, where he leads the ADHD service. llustrated in colour.

“It is good and it explains well what ADHD is and I think other children would like it too. I wish I had first known about it when I was first told that I had ADHD.” Conor, aged 8
“It’s cool.” Ollie, aged 12
“At first I thought it was my fault. After reading the book I understand the way I am is because of my ADHD and that made me feel better.” Laura, aged 9
“This book was clear and the language was easy to understand when I read it with my 8 year old son Matthew, who has ADHD. I found it very helpful as it generated conversation about his behaviour. I would recommend all parents read this book with their child.” Sharon, mother of children with ADHD and an ADHD coach

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