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Eukee the Jumpy Jumpy Elephant (Hardcover)


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By Clifford L. Corman, M.D. and Esther Trevino, M.F.C.C. Illustrated by Richard A. DiMatteo

A heartwarming story of a young elephant’s struggle with attention deficit disorder (ADD). Eukee gets into trouble at home and at school because he can’t stay still and follow directions. He gets help from his parents and a special doctor and learns ways to succeed.

An honest portrayal of the difficulties faced by young children with attention deficit disorder (ADD), this beautifully written and illustrated story follows Eukee, a young elephant who has trouble getting along with friends and family due to his hyperactivity and self-control. Finding the help he needs, Eukee helps youngsters, parents, teachers, and service providers learn more about themselves and the disorder in this simple and entertaining read-aloud story.

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