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ADHD Is Our Superpower!


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If you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you might struggle with things like concentrating in school, or sitting still, or remembering lots of instructions. But ADHD is also a superpower.

In this book you will meet different girls and boys with ADHD who can do amazing things. You might recognise some of these strengths as things that you can do too! Some of these strengths help with everyday life, like being able to hyper-focus on a task or having boundless energy to try new things. Some strengths are superpowers for interacting with others, like having a strong sense of what is fair or entertaining friends and family to make them feel happy.

Each character also shares things that you can ask grown-ups to do to help you, like providing visual aids, creating calm spaces, communicating effectively and being kind and patient.

This book also provides guidance for parents and teachers, with advice on how they can support children with suspected or diagnosed ADHD at home or in the classroom, and provides further resources and bonus content.

This book provides such a warm and child-friendly understanding of ADHD, useful for children and adults who support them such as teachers, social workers and even their parents. It really shows just how hard children with ADHD try and teaches them that they can still succeed! The voice of the child is so important. They need to be heard. This book gives them that voice. I’m so glad that this book shows that people with ADHD can be very different, even if they all have the same condition.

– Andrea Bilbow OBE, Founder & CEO, ADDISS

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21 May 2021


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